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Junior Flux, the first of a 9 character action statue series titled “VHS” (Very High Score), created and directed by Uncle Skro. This figure is a premium, resin casted piece of art. Hand Crafted and Hand Painted. Originally debuted at DesignerCon 2021.

*Limited to 15.
*Edition of 30
*Size: 8” (1/8 Scale)

*Features: Magnetic functions, Interchangeable right hands, Textured Jeans & Jacket.
*Materials: Resin, Acrylics, Polyurethane, Magnets


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Junior Flux includes:

(1) One, Resin casted action statue
(1) One, Interchangeable right handed Jr. Slugger 2000 Bat
(1) One, HUVR Deck with Grip Tape
(1) One, Magnetic D.O.C Companion Plush Backpack
(1) One, Proof of Verification || Signed and Numbered
(1) One, Slabbed SP “Special” Collector Character Card
(6) Six, Exclusive Stickers

Collectors Edition Add-Ons (Expires Dec. 15th):

(1) One, D.O.C. Banana Car Freshener

(1) SP "Special" The GRID Files: Junior Flux

(1) Designer Con 2022 Exclusive sticker pack


More Character and Story Details on Instagram via @TheStarBanger 

Created and Designed by: Uncle Skro the Star Banger

Sculpted by: Rick Lyon, Willy Kao

Artwork by: Coke Silva, Omega Chaino, Spicy Donut, F.C. Arts

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