Design || "JUNIOR FLUX" || Artwork V1

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Design || "JUNIOR FLUX" || Artwork V1

A first look of my character sketch (on procreate) for a series i've been wanting to get out for a long while. Series title and hard details will debut next month but for now enjoy a few sketches of...



Originally this character was to be worked on after a few others on the list but when i joined Designer Con's BTTF 2020 gallery show, he TIME TRAVELED to first place. Upgrade!! Expect some sculpt renders really soon as well as a 3D print prototype by the end of the month. Possibly a paint master by Designer (Virtual) Con in November this year. 
Of course i want to keep somethings a secret but i will share a little bit about what the series will focus around a battle royale scenarios. The designs will be full of textures, with a play on details jumping in and out of scale. Junior’s eyes are exaggerated just out of scale but plays a major focal point. Both his jacket and his paints will have textures to the touch. Of course for the hypebeast players out there his Mag's will have full attention to detail.
Junior Flux will start the series off at a 6" scale as resin basked fignites. There will be a blend of soft and hard edge plane changes. Playing off the school theme, each character will have something related in that sense. For Junior, he wears a DOC PLUSH pack while carrying his boars of course. That will most likely be reworked around to accommodate for the straps. Throw in an iconic weapon of choice and BOOM! he is ready for whomever he will face.
I have been wanting to do this idea for way past a decade now. Only, i didn't have the time to develop my skills or had platforms to get it done until after 2015. Traveling took its toll but now it’s fun to settle and just create. Just goes to show to keep at it and write your ideas down. I have a habit of replaying ideas from time to time to not forget but i now for the past 2 years i catalog everything!

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