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A first look of my character sketch (on procreate) for a series i've been wanting to get out for a long while. Series title and hard details will debut next month but for now enjoy a few sketches of...   "JUNIOR FLUX"   Originally this character was to be worked on after a few others on the list but when i joined Designer Con's BTTF 2020 gallery show, he TIME TRAVELED to first place. Upgrade!! Expect some sculpt renders really soon as well as a 3D print prototype by the end of the month. Possibly a paint master by Designer (Virtual)...

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TIME FOR A REVEAL! Did you wonder what the cover art for the 10” Ultimate Edition of ROBO NERD would look like?! Nothing you’d ever expect! After some pondering, I finally came to the conclusion of a “larger than life” battle robot featuring the likeliness of Urkel Bot!!    Originally, my plan was to include 10 different artist to create Robo Nerd in their style but within a specific setting. Due to covid, that put a hamper on that so I will revisit it for the next robotic figure to be announced at my virtual booth for Designer Con 2020....

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