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"ROBO NERD (URKEL BOT)" Ultimate Edition 10" Resin Kit Growing up in an era of family comedies how could one not come across the series show Family Matters! In my opinion, this show became one the most iconic and impactful moments during that part of my life just outside of the Martin show. This show had many moments of captivating wholesome stories mixed with a well balanced formula of humor. Out of three of my favs there was one particular episode that really stuck to me.    In 1991, Steve Urkel (played by Jaleel White) introduced a robotic creation of himself called "Urkel...

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"ROBO NERD (URKEL BOT)" Ultimate Edition 10" Resin Kit   A Designer Con 2020 + Pop Shop Live app exclusive now available to the public. This DIY kit comes standard with all accessories & functions. Some assembly is required. Perfect for those who love to paint, customize, or keep as is! The choice is yours with this piece. DIY kits are limited to 15 only and comes included with everything listed in the specs below. This is your only chance to nab this gem at a lower price compared to the limited painted version.     WHAT'S INSIDE? The ROBO NERD Action...

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TIME FOR A REVEAL! Did you wonder what the cover art for the 10” Ultimate Edition of ROBO NERD would look like?! Nothing you’d ever expect! After some pondering, I finally came to the conclusion of a “larger than life” battle robot featuring the likeliness of Urkel Bot!!    Originally, my plan was to include 10 different artist to create Robo Nerd in their style but within a specific setting. Due to covid, that put a hamper on that so I will revisit it for the next robotic figure to be announced at my virtual booth for Designer Con 2020....

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