Update || Robo Nerd || Exclusive Artwork

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Update || Robo Nerd || Exclusive Artwork


Did you wonder what the cover art for the 10” Ultimate Edition of ROBO NERD would look like?! Nothing you’d ever expect! After some pondering, I finally came to the conclusion of a “larger than life” battle robot featuring the likeliness of Urkel Bot!! 


Originally, my plan was to include 10 different artist to create Robo Nerd in their style but within a specific setting. Due to covid, that put a hamper on that so I will revisit it for the next robotic figure to be announced at my virtual booth for Designer Con 2020.


I did however wanted to work with an artist that I met so casually random at Designer Con (2015) by the name of Albert Carranza (@albertdraws). Albert is this editions one and only artist. I loved following his creative works and attention to details. Always something different. He was a blast to Brainstorm and work with. Impeccable turn around time 👏🙏. 

Pictured below are three particular variants. Two are randomly selected slip covers (50/50 chance of either of course), and the last is an exclusive art insert for this versions edition.


*Top Secret* There are little tidbits and fun hidden puzzles within the artwork referencing everything (and everyone) involved with the debut of this character. Can you find them all?



Version 1: BRUSHED

Before the variant idea came into the picture the original artwork I wanted was inspired by the paint brushed style feature from MACROSS/ROBOTECH. I had planned for a 1970’s style top cover box, then slapping a cover sticker on it, later I wanted to upgrade the box and foam for protection during transit as well as presentation. After some feedback, we settled on a hangar scenario before being deployed for battle. We also added Beastie Boy looking workers prepping the Battle Suit. Albert suggested a blue to give an overall feel of being in “space”. Loved it. 



This second version could be obvious but allow me to over explain myself like normal 😂😎. The anime angle is inspired by MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM and series of the likes. The cel shaded look is always delicious 🤤. The color orange was strengthened along with the now bluish-grey armor for appeal. Loved how this was flipped compared to the other. Two entirely different paint applications but nothing taken away from the other. 


Version 3: NOIR

The exclusive card insert is inspired by the movie SIN CITY. I always loved the noir style of artwork. It is also a true variant to the original artwork becoming a BATTLE DAMAGED version. ROBO NERD returns from battle into different repair hangar. You can now see space in the background. Just like in Sin City, the contrast was dialed up, but instead of going black and white we kept to the grayscale palette. Also keeping that one color of the spectrum that is highlighted, in this case it was yellow and orange.



Finally these will be printed and assembled. DCON is drawing near and we are looking good to having a public pre-order release. Those who pre-ordered via friends and family should still have an ETA of launch but will definitely get theirs first plus another secret goody for their support and patience. This year is a trying time but happy to have support in getting this done.


🤛🏾 💪🏼 👍🏽 👌 👏.

-Uncle Skro



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