Paint Master || "TORTURE" by RAD RETRO POWER

Paint Master, Torture -

Paint Master || "TORTURE" by RAD RETRO POWER


As CAPTAIN JAXON continues to keep the Retroverse balanced, a villain in the form of his clone enters the stage!" IT'S TORTURE!!

The RAD RETRO POWER duo, Miguel Wilson and Nerdy Chavez, released their third figure design based off the king of pop once more. With sold out reservations back in July of 2020, orders are on their way out to their rightful supporters.

I had the pleasure once more to paint this run of their 3rd design within the series "SPACE KNIGHTS of the RETROVERSE". A few roadblocks were overcame during this run. With the determination of the group, hurdles were cleared with patience and perseverance.

Take a gander of the 7" resin figure below.



In addition to the original design, two new features were added to this version. A resculpt of the head was adjusted in the back as well as the smirk of his mouth. The glasses have a removable function for preference.

 In terms of paint, the color palette shifted towards darker tones. Each figure was hand painted by yours truly with the addition of Nerdy Chavez handling the eyes this time! New applications were added for specific purposes. Surfacing primer with a bit of micro-filler were applied to support a smooth surface outside of the hours of sanding. A bit of patch work as well to reshape loss of depth due to casting hiccups. These are the not so fun steps that happen behind the scenes outside of the BTS shown on Instagram.

Dead flat is sprayed between layers during handling. This saves your work between sessions. For added protection, a 2k clear polyurethane top coat is applied for added protection against any dings and dents that may arise. As the finish line is crossed, there is an overall feeling of accomplishment each and every time.


Be on the lookout for future releases and collaborations by the dynamic duo via Instagram. With a short limited run, these babies sell out of super quick.


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