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"ROBO NERD (URKEL BOT)" Ultimate Edition 10" Resin Kit   A Designer Con 2020 + Pop Shop Live app exclusive now available to the public. This DIY kit comes standard with all accessories & functions. Some assembly is required. Perfect for those who love to paint, customize, or keep as is! The choice is yours with this piece. DIY kits are limited to 15 only and comes included with everything listed in the specs below. This is your only chance to nab this gem at a lower price compared to the limited painted version.     WHAT'S INSIDE? The ROBO NERD Action...

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  "NOBODY CALLS ME CHICKEN" PLAYER SELECT "JUNIOR FLUX"     This version stands 6.5" tall. Weight distribution has been executed perfectly using the bat as a counter balance to accommodate for the Doc plush pack. Furthermore the hover board acts as a third leg for added security. After analyzing the prototype, i have decided to scale the figure 1" higher for texture purposes. After priming and sealing the figure, the jacket and jean details became obscured and nearly disappeared. The textures of this piece are one of the main highlights of the series. Additionally the sole textures weren't as prominent either. So those...

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A first look of my character sketch (on procreate) for a series i've been wanting to get out for a long while. Series title and hard details will debut next month but for now enjoy a few sketches of...   "JUNIOR FLUX"   Originally this character was to be worked on after a few others on the list but when i joined Designer Con's BTTF 2020 gallery show, he TIME TRAVELED to first place. Upgrade!! Expect some sculpt renders really soon as well as a 3D print prototype by the end of the month. Possibly a paint master by Designer (Virtual)...

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