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A first look of my character sketch (on procreate) for a series i've been wanting to get out for a long while. Series title and hard details will debut next month but for now enjoy a few sketches of...   "JUNIOR FLUX"   Originally this character was to be worked on after a few others on the list but when i joined Designer Con's BTTF 2020 gallery show, he TIME TRAVELED to first place. Upgrade!! Expect some sculpt renders really soon as well as a 3D print prototype by the end of the month. Possibly a paint master by Designer (Virtual)...

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3D Render, 3D Sculpt, Design -

¡Más y Menos, sí podemos!   Recognize these two speedsters? That's right they are MAS Y MENOS (Plus & Minus) from Teen Titans East! Showcased are the sculpt renders for a client over at WB Animation.    These two were scaled to DC Direct's 2004 Maquette 1/800 animated series. Mas y Menos never made the cut so my client decided to make a run for himself! They are 5" in scale (compared to Robin) from the top of the head to the bottom of their feet with the tv shows featured logo as their base.    These resin statues have a bit of action...

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Artwork, Design, Robo Nerd, Update -

TIME FOR A REVEAL! Did you wonder what the cover art for the 10” Ultimate Edition of ROBO NERD would look like?! Nothing you’d ever expect! After some pondering, I finally came to the conclusion of a “larger than life” battle robot featuring the likeliness of Urkel Bot!!    Originally, my plan was to include 10 different artist to create Robo Nerd in their style but within a specific setting. Due to covid, that put a hamper on that so I will revisit it for the next robotic figure to be announced at my virtual booth for Designer Con 2020....

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